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Since we are the trained deck installation specialist in the area, it is only natural that we are able to install a variety of decks using versatile building materials. One of the most sought-after building materials that we use for our decks is composite wood. Composite wood is a manufactured building material that has many benefits, longevity, and extreme durability. We appreciate the strength that composite wood brings to our deck building projects. Composite wood is great for pets, children, and other outdoor usages, especially if you're looking to accommodate a family or just want a great building material for your deck.

What Is A Composite Deck?

A composite deck is a new and innovative way to transform your deck into something long-lasting and low maintenance. Composite wood is a combination of recycled plastics that have been manufactured with real wood. Together, these materials form a thick and durable building material that can be used for outdoor decking purposes. We prefer using composite decking boards for clients that are keen on having a low maintenance deck that will last them a long time.


When it comes to installing a composite wood deck, the process is very similar to installing any other type of wood deck. It requires ordering the appropriate amount of composite wood panels so that they can be adequately installed around your deck to create a formed and fitted surface. When it comes to choosing the type of composite that you want, you have the option to select a variety of finishes and wood grain patterns. You can also choose from several colors, which means that you don’t have to worry about staining your composite wood either.


If you’re looking for a deck that will provide you many years of continued service, safety, and comfort, and you will definitely want to consider composite wood. With composite wood, you do not need to worry about damages, moisture buildup that results in writing, as well as infestations, discoloration, or splintering. Composite wood is resistant to all of these problems which means that you will have a functioning deck for several years without having to touch it with repairs or replacements. Sanding the deck is not necessary, nor is continual staining to maintain its color.


What most of our clients appreciate about composite wood is that it is an extremely high value for what you pay for it. You can expect to pay higher initial costs when ordering and installing the composite wood, but it does not require much maintenance thereafter. Furthermore, those that are looking to stay on a budget when installing a new deck may find composite wood to be a great solution because it is easy to maintain, clean, and is highly durable so it does not require future repairs. You also do not have to worry about staining the wood as it is fade-resistant, which can save you on maintenance costs in the future.

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