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Deck Builders Bloomington, MN

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We have continued to service the Bloomington area with our professional deck building services for many years. We’re trusted throughout the community to deliver quality decking solutions, as well as patio building, restoration, installation, and can even assist in building your dream pergola or hardscape. We’re striving to constantly improve the appearance of our city’s outdoor spaces and we’re able to do this with our certified deck certified deck builders and professional deck building techniques.

Pool Deck

A pool deck is installed around the perimeter of your pool to accompany the pool itself. The pool deck can be made of any of our suitable building materials and is later treated so that it is anti-slip and resistant to water and sun exposure. Having a safe pool deck is important to maintain the safety of those who use it alongside your pool. Your pool deck can be an extension of your patio or have a transition from the patio onto the decking part.

Wraparound Deck

Wraparound decks are installed to fit the exterior space of your home. If you have a lawn that wraps around your home or a porch that does as well, perhaps you want to accommodate those features with a deck too. Wraparound decks don't necessarily have to cover all sides of your home, but instead, wrap-around part of its perimeter to provide more deck coverage and transition between the home and outdoor space. If you have side doors that lead outside or your fence is placed too far away from the home, a wraparound deck can act textural barriers and usage to those empty spaces.

Deck Cleaning

Deck cleaning is offered to those that have an existing deck that they need assistance in cleaning. Sometimes, sweeping and scrubbing the deck is not enough to remove all of the outdoor buildups. For these kinds of cases, we'll typically provide tailored cleaning solutions that are dependent on the type of deck material that you have. We also use a power washing system that allows us to thoroughly clean all inches of the deck and without compromising the integrity of the deck itself. Power washing is safe to use for wood decks, brick, stone, and concrete.

Deck Maintenance

Along with standard deck installation, repairs, cleaning, and renovations, we also offer full-service deck maintenance. Included in our deck maintenance are standard wood staining services, stain removal, cleaning, repairs, and any other parts of your deck that could use special attention. If you have a deck that has combined building materials, perhaps part of it is deteriorating faster than others. This is something we can rectify with our deck maintenance. Our deck maintenance services are intended to prolong your deck's lifespan and preserve the building materials that it is made from. We know that deck replacements aren't something you've budgeted in year after year, so why not consider our maintenance services to maintain your deck's integrity? Our maintenance services are much more affordable and practical than regular replacements.

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