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Patios and Hardscapes

patios and hardscape installation in progress

Patios and hardscape are designed with the same care and attention to detail as our traditional decks. We know how important it is to you to have an outdoor space that accommodates your lifestyle and needs but also complements your home aesthetically. Many of our clients are looking to install both a patio and a hardscape together but require professional planning when it comes to how the two structures will be combined and transitioned from one another into the outdoor space. This is where we come in! The patio and hardscape that you end up with will be dependent on the yard space you have available and the surfaces we have to work with.

Building A Patio

When it comes to building a patio, you have many options in regards to building materials. As we mentioned before, some of the most durable building materials that we recommend for your patio include stone, concrete, and brick. That is because these materials are easy to maintain and do not require special attention when exposed to UV rays, moisture, and fluctuating temperatures. We can assist in building a patio that fits your needs for an outdoor space, whether you want one that is partially covered, completely covered, or not covered at all. Patios are then connected to your home’s exterior for easy movement between the house and the patio.

Building A Hardscape

When it comes to building a hardscape, we assist clients in exploring all of their options available for their new outdoor space. We also incorporate their budget into the overall design of the hardscape, because this will help determine what can and cannot be done. Many of our clients opt for hardscapes over traditional landscapes because they do not require as much maintenance and are easier to maintain throughout the seasons. Not only do we assist in installing the hardscape, but we can design it as well.

Ideal Materials

Some of the ideal materials that you may want to consider for your hardscape include brick, stone, concrete pavers, and wood. You can use a combination of these building materials or you can mix-and-match different types of the same building materials to create color contrast and dimensions in your yard. Each of these materials carries a different price tag, so it is important to establish your budget beforehand so that we know what we have to work with when it comes to styling and designing hardscape.

Retaining Walls

Another important part of many hardscapes is the installation of stairs and retaining walls. If you have a multilevel outdoor space, a retaining wall can easily provide barrier separation that controls the higher levels of soil and prevents erosion of mud onto other parts of your lawn. Retaining walls can be built to accompany a set of stairs or an elevated space, such as a deck or patio, and can make your outdoor space look more natural when it transitions from height to height.

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