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Pergolas and ​Shade Structures

shade structures when completed

There are a variety of shade structures for you to choose from when it comes to customizing your outdoor space. We specialize in installing pergolas and shade structures that are built to accommodate all of your outdoor needs. Pergolas and shade structures work well with integrated onto an existing patio or deck, however, we can also assist in creating one for you that incorporates a shade structure as well.

Types of Pergolas

There are many different types of pergolas that you want to consider before installing. You will first want to consider what your budget is so that we know what kind of building material would be best suitable for your pergola. Second, you will want to consider where you want your pergola installed and what kind of shade or protection do you want it to offer. Pergolas can be customized to include any features that you deem appropriate including benches, chairs, as well as windows, partial shading, sunlights, and even curtains. The designs Inc. on pergolas is also important as you want the pergola to fit in with the rest of your outdoor space. This is something that we can help you design so that it looks natural when installed in your yard.

Deck Pergolas

One of the most common types of pergolas that we install include deck pergolas. This is because many clients enjoy having the option to both sunbathe and to sit in the shade whenever they feel necessary. A deck pergola can offer partial shading or complete shading so that you have an area to take shelter in when you want to get away from the sun. Deck pergola is our install to accommodate the size of your deck so that you do not have a pergola that interferes with your pool. You can have a pergola that is installed with wood, steel, or any other specialized building material.

Garden Pergolas

Garden pergolas can be billed as a getaway in your landscape so that you can enjoy the greenery or directly. They look stunning in most gardens and are a great way to add some value to your landscape. If you have sprawling greenery that you would like to add some dimension to, consider the installation of a garden pergola. Garden pergolas can be any size and can even be a great space to add tables to for a picnic or benches for some relaxation.

Patio and Driveway Pergolas

Patio and driveway pergolas are also available for those that want to have shading to cover their car or a protected walkway from the driveway to their door. Patio pergolas differ from covered patios because they are usually detached but can still offer easy transition between your home in the patio itself. Driveway pergolas offer protection for those that do not have a cover driveway or garage where they can protect their car. We offer patio and driveway pergolas that are built to accommodate your home’s exact layout.

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