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Wood Deck Builder

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Along with our standard deck building services, we’re delighted to offer wood deck installations using durable woods that can be trusted for a lifetime. We prefer using wood for many of our deck installations because of its high durability, it’s stunning appearance, and the versatility it has when surrounding your home’s exterior. We offer both composite wood decks for those that are looking for minimal upkeep, as well as IPE wood decks, for those that want something to add aesthetic value to their home’s exterior.

Benefits of Using Wood

Some of the benefits of using wood for your exterior deck surface include its high durability, comfort, and the aesthetic that it brings to your home’s landscape. Because wood looks natural against most homes, it is a great way to create a transition from your home’s patio to the deck or from the home itself directly to the deck. Whatever you decide, wood can then be stained to accommodate the natural finish that you want for your exterior space.

Types of Wood

Some of the main types of wood that we utilize for outdoor wood decking include composite wood and IPE wood. Both come with various benefits and different price points. It's important to establish your intended budget beforehand so that you can be aware of how much the deck will cost to install and for general maintenance in the long run. When it comes to IPE wood, you'll be looking at average, long-term costs because of its maintenance. IPE wood is naturally very rich and beautiful, but you'll want to consider staining and sealing it further to avoid premature discoloration. If you're looking for a great deck that doesn't require any of the above, then you might want to consider composite decking, which is a mixture of recycled plastic materials and various types of wood and requires even less maintenance.

Wood Staining

If you have a specific wood color in mind that you want your deck to be, it will likely need to be stained that color for a lasting finish. Wood staining is a process that adds a slight tint to the surface of the wood, penetrating the top layer to adjust its hue. We offer wood staining services that should be completed when the weather is dry to avoid running the stain. If the stain does not dry properly, you could end up with uneven tones in your wood panels.

Wood Sealing

After your wood has been installed and stained, it is then time to seal it. Sealing your wood is not necessary but it is a good way to prevent discoloration and other damages. Your wood should ideally last you for several years, but sealing your wood deck can prolong its lifespan even further. We recommend wood sealing for that extra layer of protection and comfort so that you can get the most value and durability possible from your wood decking. We offer affordable wood sealing that can be done at any time to protect your wood from future damages, regardless of its current age.

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